GC Joins the “Take On the South” history podcast to talk bourbon history.

If you are like the Gamecock Bourbon Team and enjoy all things History, this podcast episode might be for you!

Recently, GC Ramey joined renowned southern historians and podcast hosts, Dr. Mark Smith and Dr. Matt Simmons (from the Institute for Southern Studies, University of South Carolina) for an episode dedicated to bourbon whiskey.

For those who do not know its story, bourbon, which is designated as a distinctive American product and protected under US law, started with humble beginnings and grew to the point where it eventually influenced nearly every facet of American culture, including the economy, political landscape, health and medicine, and society as a whole. In this episode, GC is tasked with the challenge of convincing Dr. Mark Smith (who is from England and doesn’t care for American Whiskey) to give bourbon a second chance by showcasing its historical value. To do this, he highlights some great moments from bourbon’s illustrious history, and answers questions about tasting, marketing gimmicks, private barrels and much more.

Thanks again to Dr. Smith and Dr. Simmons for the chance to share our passion.

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Listen here:


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