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January and February Updates

President Paul Miles celebrates daughter Caroline and undefeated Gamecock teams. He introduces a $59.98 Yellowstone “Laurel and Main” barrel pick, honoring Soda City Market and Ambrosia Taverna. Buy within 21 days for a chance to win Weller Special Reserve at MSRP. Broad Branch barrel delayed but coming soon.

Garnet Trust T-Shirt and New Merchandise

In the midst of a storm, the Gamecock Bourbon Society anticipates a successful 2024. They commend Lamont Paris for transforming basketball, and announce new merchandise, including a unique t-shirt and Peter Millar items. Proceeds will support the Garnet Trust. Paul Miles also seeks feedback for potential future merchandise. Visit their online shop for more details.

Whiskey Journey: What is Hazmat Whiskey?

Those who have followed along with our “Whiskey Journey” articles in the past know that most of my knowledge of the aging process, grains, and flavor profiles come from working at high end restaurants in Charleston and Birmingham, Alabama. Even the best training offered by distillers, distributors, and those in sales can miss major nuggets […]

Tailgates, Barrel Picks, and Merchandise

The Gamecock Bourbon Society has shared updates on various current and upcoming activities. A busy football season has seen the Society growing in members and momentum. The Society is releasing its first-ever barrel pick from South Carolina, named “Garnet Dawn”, on November 24th with a special release at Bottle’s Beverage Superstore. Other notable highlights include tailgates and merchandise sales for football and basketball games, upcoming bourbon barrels from Maker’s Mark and Broad Branch, and a tribute gift to bourbon legend Julian Van Winkle.

Barrel Pick Updates and More!

The Gamecock Bourbon Society has had a busy year acquiring exclusive barrels for its members. Upcoming releases include the popular Blue Run “Black Magic” and Lone Elm Texas Wheat Whiskey, as well as 100% Jimmy Red Corn Bourbon from Charleston’s High Wire Distillery. Other selections, including Chicken Cock’s 7-year-old Single Barrel and Broad Branch’s Single Barrel, will be launched later this year. Future tastings are planned at Maker’s Mark and Jack Daniel’s, among others. The Society has received member interest in selecting, tasting, and naming barrels, and is working on solutions to facilitate such involvement.