Garnet Trust T-Shirt and New Merchandise

I sincerely hope that each one of you had a wonderful Holiday season full of family, friends, and good whiskey! The last month of 2023 was full of newly formed relationships, spending time with my family, new barrels selected, merchandise being delivered, private events had, and a ton of good basketball from our men and women’s teams. Although I’m writing this during a tornado warning, I feel like 2024 is going to be a great year for the Gamecocks. I am beyond pleased with how Lamont Paris has turned the quality of basketball around in just 1.5 seasons, as I am as avid a basketball fan as I am a football one. I’ve seen 5 games in person, and the energy from the crowd has increased each time. The level of play both offensively and defensively has taken major strides forward in such a short amount of time, and I am ready for what the SEC slate brings. I think we are prepared well to go battle teams who took us to task last season. Those kids work hard playing for Coach Paris, and they deserve all of our support; that is something I am prepared to give them!

We have worked diligently with the Garnet Trust since its inception. 2024 will be no different and it’s another year where we will back their play and support them whenever we can. Donating hard-earned dollars isn’t for everyone and shouldn’t be looked down on if one can’t afford to. We all work hard to earn a living for our families, and for those that can’t simply give as they desire, I wanted to find a way for those people to support the Garnet Trust while getting something in return. With their approval to use their “handshake logo”, The Gamecock Bourbon Society has created a cool dual logo pocket t-shirt to commemorate the 2023-2024 basketball season with a nod to our head coach.

It’s his love for the quarter zip that inspired the design. Former GBS President, G.C. Ramey, made a design for our tailgate in Athens this year and I instantly fell in love with it. It reminds me of Gamecock artwork from the 50’s and 60’s. He simply changed it up to include a basketball and for the Gamecock to be wearing a quarter zip pullover. It’s perfect. My hope is that you enjoy it enough to buy and wear it on its own, but you should also know that 100% of the proceeds will go directly to the Garnet Trust. Every red cent. I will announce when we are ready to release them, but my hope is within the next 2 weeks.

Which leads me to something I have been working on for a couple of months now: Merchandise in our online shop! Follow the link at:

· 4 different Richardson hats: 3 different colorways with 3 genuine leather options and 1 patch option

· 2 different options of crystal stemmed nosing glasses: 1 with our logo and the other a dual logo with Chicken Cock Whiskey (These are limited and once these dual logo glasses are gone, we won’t sell them again). I can’t say enough about how much I love these glasses. They are the perfect size for someone like me who only pours .5-1.5 ounces at a time.

· Glencairn Branded Whiskey Water Jug. These are perfect for proofing your whiskey down without going to the sink or using an eye dropper. Bring one of these out at a private whiskey tasting amongst friends at your house, and they will be impressed and appreciate it.

Peter Millar has been the most requested item for us to make available, and we have finally found a source that will accommodate a timed sale and large order. We will have them for sale through January 22, and then after that, the Peter Millar part of the shop will disappear. I will get your information to them, and they will need 4-5 weeks to fulfill the order and ship it to me (it could be quicker, but no longer). I will then ship them to you individually within 2 days of them getting to me. So, these will not be available until more quarter zip appropriate weather in late February.

Polos and Quarter zips: This will be a limited release.

  • Women: 2 different styles with a white or black option on either
  • Men: 3 different styles with a grey, white, & black options

As always, we welcome feedback on things you wish we would make a limited run of (flasks are commonly mentioned) and appreciate the support over the last 2 years!

Forever To Whiskee,

Paul Miles

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