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Tailgates, Barrel Picks, and Merchandise

The Gamecock Bourbon Society has shared updates on various current and upcoming activities. A busy football season has seen the Society growing in members and momentum. The Society is releasing its first-ever barrel pick from South Carolina, named “Garnet Dawn”, on November 24th with a special release at Bottle’s Beverage Superstore. Other notable highlights include tailgates and merchandise sales for football and basketball games, upcoming bourbon barrels from Maker’s Mark and Broad Branch, and a tribute gift to bourbon legend Julian Van Winkle.

A Chicken Cock Kind of Friday

An executive from Chicken Cock Whiskey partnered with the GBS for tastings and potential collaborations. After tasting several whiskeys, they selected an 8-year bourbon, naming it “The Roost”. They also had a special barrel tasting with Driftless Glen and picked a Rye for future release. A premium whiskey tasting event with Chicken Cock was organized at Prime Steakhouse, where “The Roost” was served to guests. The dinner event received positive feedback and similar events are planned for the future. “The Roost” will be made available to the public at Green’s on Assembly Street.

Great American Whiskey Fair Starts this Weekend! Here’s What You Need to Know

The Great American Whiskey Fair, an internationally recognized event, will take place at Grand Hall, Columbia, SC, on October 6, 2023. The fair will feature over 300 American whiskies, bourbons, and ryes with representation from 100 distilleries and bottlers. The Gamecock Bourbon Society will participate for the first time, offering giveaways and raffles. Attendees will have access to all whiskey presentations, a tasting glass, and BBQ, with cigars available for purchase.

GBS Tailgate Behind Enemy Lines (Athens, here we come!)

The Gamecock Bourbon Society invites fans to join their tailgate in Athens, Georgia on September 16, 2023. The event, taking place before the Gamecocks’ match against the top-rated team, includes bourbon, TV, close restroom access, shade, and catered lunch for $25 per person, catering to 40 attendees. The gathering aims to provide a lively atmosphere for Society members and players, with exact location details shared to those who reserve spots.

The 19th Hole Tournament Announcement

Scotland is the birthplace of whisky without an E, refrigeration, penicillin, TV, the magical story of Peter Pan, and a host of other things I’m personally thankful for. Though, I am most thankful to Scotland for being the birthplace of golf & whiskey (even if the Irish say their monks were on to it first). […]