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Classic Bourbon Cocktail Recipes… With a Creative Twist

If there’s one thing that bugs me most about bourbon influencers (not just those who try to shame people Twitter or Instagram, but also the pretentious Jacks and Jills that frequent local liquor stores and gate-keep bourbon novices) is their belief that bourbon should only be enjoyed in a glass, served neat. Not only do […]

The Importance of Connecting with Fellow Bourbon Community Members and How to Do it

I am convinced that there is not a better support system in any interest group than that of the Gamecock Bourbon community. If there is I will be flat-out shocked, and I even challenge you to show me such an example. When I started writing this I tried to find a community that rivals it. […]

Building a Bourbon Collection on a Budget: What you MUST HAVE without breaking the bank

At the Gamecock Bourbon Society, we have as many bourbon novices as we do die-hard collectors. The inclusivity of our community and willingness to educate, share, and help new collectors sets us apart in a world that can be intimidating for those on the outside looking in. We believe that bourbon is much more than […]

5 Tips for Securing Allocated Bottles

n I started my whiskey journey interested in the history of bourbon. At the time, I cared more for the historical value of bourbon than the way it tasted. To me, there was something special about knowing that bourbon was America’s only native spirit that compelled me to learn as much as could about its […]