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Whiskey Journey: What is Hazmat Whiskey?

Those who have followed along with our “Whiskey Journey” articles in the past know that most of my knowledge of the aging process, grains, and flavor profiles come from working at high end restaurants in Charleston and Birmingham, Alabama. Even the best training offered by distillers, distributors, and those in sales can miss major nuggets […]

GC Joins the “Take On the South” history podcast to talk bourbon history.

GC Ramey from the Gamecock Bourbon Team joined historians Dr. Mark Smith and Dr. Matt Simmons for a podcast episode about bourbon whiskey’s history and its impact on American culture. The discussion covers bourbon’s role in the economy, politics, health, medicine, and overall society. Ramey endeavours to convince bourbon-skeptic Dr. Smith of its historical significance, delving into marketing aspects, private barrels, tasting, and more.

Patience Makes Perfect: The History and Process of Aging Bourbon

It cannot be rushed. There are no corners to cut, no loopholes to exploit. The process of bourbon is long, exhausting, and challenging. Its requirement of unrelenting patience is a standard of the trade that is well known, yet not always respected. With other things in life, instant gratification can be awarded to the person […]

Fire Ants and Black Magic: The 1984 Gamecock Football Season

The end of the 1984 season marked a period in South Carolina history that Gamecock fans were especially proud to talk about. After Coach Joe Morrison’s first Carolina team went 5-6 in ‘83, the 1984 team took flame to the record books and finished the regular season 10-1. Back porches, outdoor garages, barber shops, the […]

Julian Van Winkle, Peach Brandy, and Heirloom Rye: A Look at High Wire Distilling (Pt. Two)

There is something special about walking into a craft distillery that sets it apart from the larger ones across the globe. Especially ones within the border of the great state of South Carolina. As GC, Ryan Miles, and I walked into High Wire for our meeting (and to beat the heat), we were greeted with […]

Al Capone, Hell Hole Swamp, & South Carolina Corn Whiskey: A Look at High Wire Distilling (Pt. One)

Just off the Cooper River at the base of the Arthur Ravanel bridge in historic Charleston, SC, you will find a boutique distillery offering one of the most unique whiskies in the world. High Wire Distillery, with the partnership of local farmers and celebrity chefs, have found a way to combine their love and passion […]