Monthly Archives: August 2023

Every Bottle Has a Story: My Interview with Tiffany Gibson

Early in my own bourbon journey I discovered Marianne Eaves, heard her story, learned about her ground-breaking work in the world of bourbon, and found myself inspired by her passion and attitude toward her craft. Years later, as I’m sitting down interviewing bourbon steward, Tiffany Gibson, Marianne comes up. Tiffany, who owns and operates Bourbon […]

The 19th Hole Tournament Announcement

Scotland is the birthplace of whisky without an E, refrigeration, penicillin, TV, the magical story of Peter Pan, and a host of other things I’m personally thankful for. Though, I am most thankful to Scotland for being the birthplace of golf & whiskey (even if the Irish say their monks were on to it first). […]

A Day on the Golf Course with Grayson Greiner

  The Sarge is in Charge: I remember going to Gamecock baseball games well before Founder’s was built. For me, those warm spring evenings at Sarge brings back as many good memories as the cool autumn nights at Williams-Brice do. Things were simpler then. I was a kid that craved the freedom and autonomy of […]