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The Gamecock Bourbon Society was created by GC Ramey in January 2022 as simple way of making friends with similar interests in Columbia, SC. A lifelong fan of the Gamecocks, GC was moving from Charlotte and wanted to recreate the sense of community he experienced in bourbon clubs there– except with a twist; adding his love for the Gamecocks to the mix.
The combination of 2 passionate fanbases (Gamecock die-hards and Bourbon enthusiasts) seems like a no-brainer in hindsight, but at the time, it was new territory and something that had not yet been tried. Despite initial hesitation, GC decided that if nothing else, a hand full of new drinking buddies would be worth the effort, and so the Gamecock Bourbon Society was formally founded.
To those who ask how he thought of combining these two very different things, GC often says, “Gamecock fans are dedicated to the point of insanity; bourbon collectors are too. The Gamecock faithful will show up and show out no matter how bad their team’s record is and bourbon drinkers will wait in line, rain or shine, to spend crazy amounts of money on old bottles named after men who died decades ago. Combining these two crazy passionate groups just made sense to me.”
Since its inception, GBS has exploded with exponential growth as it continues to focus first and foremost on that earliest goal of creating friendships. “The community aspect is the focus, always. In everything we do, we put our people first and great bourbon second. Without the community– and those who have bought into the vision– none of this other stuff is possible; we won’t forget that.”
In early 2022, Paul Miles started his professional relationship with GBS as a sponsor of the 1st Bourbon Bash. Since then, he’s been a faithful supporter of the brand, leading engagement on social media, volunteering at events, and acting as an official member of the GBS Barrel Tasting Team.  His official role was to use his previous business experience to help develop strategies of growth for GBS as a community and as a brand.
“Paul’s energy is contagious. He works hard for the things that he believes in, and GBS and this community is without a doubt one of them. From the first monetary donation he made in 2022, until the moment he accepted his formal role with the company and beyond, Paul has served as a great example of why prioritizing people matters.”
In October of 2023, Paul Miles transitioned into the role of President of the Gamecock Bourbon Society so that G.C. Ramey could focus solely on his academic studies, career, and his family.  Expect more of the same moving forward with some incredible opportunities to meet some of your Gamecock heroes, and to get your hands on allocated bottles of whiskey offered to you exclusively.
“This is our Bourbon Society.  Each person who interacts with us on social media influences how we make and plan events.  Our golf tournament in Aiken was born from the idea of certain members being jealous of golf outings amongst other members.  We took that idea and threw in 5 Gamecock starting football players, and together we created one of the more memorable experiences I can think of involving players and fans alike.  We knew a chord was struck when we had to turn down almost 40 players.  How many other Gamecock fans get to compete on the golf course with 5 starting football players?  Not many.”
“Members, this is your vehicle.  I am just here to keep it on the road.” – Paul Miles
What we do

GBS Events

Our events focus on creating unique whiskey tasting experiences for our members, while fostering a positive community for all.

Private Barrel Picks

Our Private Barrel Program is a way to give our members access to great single barrel whiskies they have never tried.

Merchandise Releases

Most of our merchandise releases are small batch and limited in nature. Our shop will always have items for sale, though signing up for our newsletter ensures that you hear about all of our limited items.

Giving Back

Giving back to both the NIL collective and local charitable causes remains a priority for GBS as we seek to always find ways to pay it forward.

“There will always be more old bottles of bourbon being made… So never save old bottles of bourbon. They’re meant to be enjoyed with friends and family at the moment.”
– Freddie Johnson

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