Private Barrel Program

We are committed to providing our members with access to a diverse private barrel portfolio that includes mainstays, craft local selections, and highly allocated barrels coveted by every bourbon fan. We will release multiple private barrel picks throughout the year (8 barrels in 2023), and want your feedback on both our previous selections and what you want to see come from us in the future. Fill out the information below and let us know! Subscribing to our newsletter is the quickest and best way to learn about any upcoming barrel release.

**We currently partner with Green’s Package Store and Bottle’s Beverage Superstores throughout South Carolina. Each bottle reserved through our website will have to be picked up at your chosen location and paid for in person by you.

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Barrel Pick Partnerships


Distilleries, if you are interested in partnering with us for future barrel picks, please fill out the contact form to send us an email. We are always looking for new partnerships, so we would absolutely love to hear from you!


Barrel Curation Team

In addition to the GBS staff, a hand-selected Barrel Curation Team was created to assist with the process of sampling private barrels to ensure that all whiskeys chosen have been agreed upon by a group of diverse tastebuds. We believe that the team’s varying palates will allow for a wider range of enjoyment for all. If you are interested in joining a barrel tasting, we will offer the opportunity to be selected to those who participate in our forthcoming premium membership program.

Chip Collins

Tiffany Gibson

John Stavrinakis

Kyle Thomas

Andy Brown

Chuck Haselden

Eddie Thomas