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Whiskey Journey: What is Hazmat Whiskey?

Those who have followed along with our “Whiskey Journey” articles in the past know that most of my knowledge of the aging process, grains, and flavor profiles come from working at high end restaurants in Charleston and Birmingham, Alabama. Even the best training offered by distillers, distributors, and those in sales can miss major nuggets […]

Exciting News For Gamecock Bourbon As We Make a Big-Time Transition!

The founder of Gamecock Bourbon Society (GBS), G.C. Ramey, announces his departure from the club to pursue his passion in education, with a focus on bourbon history. Ramey initially established GBS with hopes of connecting with fellow Gamecock and bourbon enthusiasts. Former Director of Development, Paul Miles, will now assume ownership and operations of GBS, allowing Ramey to focus on his academic pursuits. Existing GBS operations and events are expected to continue.

Every Bottle Has a Story: My Interview with Tiffany Gibson

Early in my own bourbon journey I discovered Marianne Eaves, heard her story, learned about her ground-breaking work in the world of bourbon, and found myself inspired by her passion and attitude toward her craft. Years later, as I’m sitting down interviewing bourbon steward, Tiffany Gibson, Marianne comes up. Tiffany, who owns and operates Bourbon […]

Julian Van Winkle, Peach Brandy, and Heirloom Rye: A Look at High Wire Distilling (Pt. Two)

There is something special about walking into a craft distillery that sets it apart from the larger ones across the globe. Especially ones within the border of the great state of South Carolina. As GC, Ryan Miles, and I walked into High Wire for our meeting (and to beat the heat), we were greeted with […]

Building a Bourbon Collection on a Budget: What you MUST HAVE without breaking the bank

At the Gamecock Bourbon Society, we have as many bourbon novices as we do die-hard collectors. The inclusivity of our community and willingness to educate, share, and help new collectors sets us apart in a world that can be intimidating for those on the outside looking in. We believe that bourbon is much more than […]

5 Tips for Securing Allocated Bottles

n I started my whiskey journey interested in the history of bourbon. At the time, I cared more for the historical value of bourbon than the way it tasted. To me, there was something special about knowing that bourbon was America’s only native spirit that compelled me to learn as much as could about its […]