GBS Tailgate Behind Enemy Lines (Athens, here we come!)

UGA Tailgate in Athens

September 16, 2023

Join the Gamecock Bourbon Society next weekend in Athens, Georgia as we cheer on our Gamecocks against the #1 team in the country!  I was there in 2010 against Alabama when we did the improbable, and it can happen again.  You don’t get many opportunities to see your team face #1, so we have decided to set up shop with some incredible UGA fans (10-15 min walk to the stadium) next Saturday.  Bourbon, TV, close access to the restroom, shade, and lunch will be provided to anyone who reserves their spot!  For $25 per person, you can come drink as much bourbon as you’d like and have lunch that will be catered and brought to the tailgate; a hassle free day for 40 people.  Any money left over after purchasing the food is going towards more & better bourbon!  We aren’t pocketing a dime and simply want to create a great environment on the road for our Society members, and for our players on the field.  The Gamecock Bourbon Society goes to get loud and let our boys know we’re there!

The UGA host of this tailgate are great friends with two of our favorite members, USCEngineer and his beautiful fiancée AK.  They want to get the head count of people who plan to come, and the only way we can do that is by reserving spots.  If you have never been to an away game, this is going to be an incredible opportunity to spend the day with GOOD Georgia fans, drink great bourbon, eat well, and not have a care in the world except for what happens on the field.  We hope you will join us in Athens!

**The exact tailgate spot will be confirmed to those who reserve their spots through our payment portal.  We will begin setting up around 7AM as it is a first come first served lot.  Although that makes the day longer, it makes it easier, and we encourage anyone who wants to get there early to do so.  Go Cocks!

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