“Bourbon Unites Us”: A local student finds generous support from an unlikely source, a Tennessee fan

Lori Carey, a self-proclaimed “Marching Band Mom” and die hard Gamecock fan, recently posted a link on Twitter seeking fundraising support for her son, a member of the Lexington High School marching band. She hoped that maybe a few fellow Gamecock fans or local individuals with ties to music education might see the link and offer to contribute to her son’s fundraiser. Considering that Gamecock fans like to support their own, this was not a farfetched notion. What happened, as a result of this post was not at all what she expected. Out of nowhere, a generous gift was given from the most unlikely source— a Tennessee fan. Not only did, Twitter user (and avid Volunteers fan) @BoCamaro donate $250 dollars himself, but he then re-posted the link and rallied another Tennessee fan to match his donation. When it was all said and done, $500 was given to a Gamecock family from a couple of orange-wearing-Tennessee faithful who will be pulling against Shane Beamer and Company in Knoxville this year. This, above all else, proves that some things are more important than college football rivalries. @BoCamaro, whose only tie to Gamecock nation was following the Gamecock Bourbon Society Twitter account, offered a simple explanation for his action: “Bourbon unites us.” This is an excellent example of just how positive the bourbon community as a whole can be. When rivals can find ways to support one another off the field, with no other connection than a mutual love for whiskey, it makes the idea of “Brothers and Sisters in Bourbon,” feel a lot more authentic. On behalf of the Gamecock Bourbon Society, Gamecocks fans everywhere, and the Carey-Vann family, we extend gratitude to these awesome Tennessee fans for their support and generosity. We look forward to having them in Columbia sometime soon, and you can bet, their bar tab will be covered by us when the whiskey starts to flow. If you are interested in helping support Lori’s son’s marching band fundraiser, you can make a donation here: https://catband.rapidfundraising.org/campaigns/jonathan-vann/ All help and support is appreciated and it is our hope that this example set by @BoCamaro and his fellow Volunteer, will inspire you to give as you can.

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